Friday, December 11, 2009

Letter From Lisa E

Dear Santa:
I'd love peace and joy and calm in our world  and in our back yards.
I;d love everyone to be sprinkled with happidust.
I'd love all of our bills paid and be able to retire.
I'd love my bowels to move regularly, easilly, simply and completely
I'd love a pair of new  knees and a hot body instantly. 
But Santa, you know best.  What do you want to give me? 
I have been a good girl.

Lisa E.


Dear Lisa,
Peace is a common Christmas wish, unfortunately not all wishes can always be granted :(

Retirement may not be all that it seems, there is a feeling of satisfaction from working that you may not even realize.
 I would give you some happidust, but I am not a doctor and cannot write a prescription.
 I could send you some Metamucil?
 If you want to see a hot body, I will give you a mirror.
 What I will give you is good wishes and thanks for just being you!

Merry Christmas,
 Love Santa


Brian Miller said...

now isee why santa always ends with ho ho ho. thanks for the chuckles santa.

Lisa E said...

Santa, you are the bomb!

Gillian said...

I have been impeccibly well-behaved this year. Anything in your stocking for me?