Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Laufa's Letter

Dear Santa,
I would like some pretty hoop ear rings. Yeah I’m a simple like that.
Give my Hubby lots of hugs and kisses from his family, since we are missing him a whole bunch and it will be a whole lot harder come the new years.
Please send my sister lots of gifts, I think she has been good all year – well at least to me.
Give her hubby a doily – it will surprise him and he will love it. (Evil laugh!!)
Give my niece anything Princess, since she wants to be one. She relates best to Belle.
Thanks for coming through with those DS’s for my kids. I know they will love them, since that is all they asked for at the first “real” Santa we visited at Wally-World. (Real Santa has a beard, per my 8 yr old daughter.)
Please give my parents a vacation. Yes, I know they live in FL, but for some crazy reason they want to visit us in snowy Indiana.
Don’t forget the 90 homeless families that visited your Santa Helper this past weekend. The sadness in the eyes of the parents was heart wrenching, wishing to give their kids everything they wished for. Be especially nice to the one little girl that asked for World Peace.
Thanks Santa for taking the time to visit all the kids around the world. Please think kindly even to the ones that deserve the coal, they might not know any better.

Dear Laufa,
I think that we can probably find you some nice hoop earrings!  I have plenty of elves working on jewelry.
I will do my best with the hugs and kisses, but I do travel when everyone is asleep.
Your sister has been good, she does not show up on my naughty list, and I think we can swing a doily.
DS's?  I know that stands for Dear Santa, right? HOHOHO! Just a little Christmas humor.
Your parents need a vacation, perhaps they can ride with me, if they do not mind reindeer and wind chill.
I wish that I could solve world hunger and all of the worlds problems, but the solution may just start with raising spirits, and that is my job. No one deserves coal, sometimes coal is a tool to make someone realize that there is a better way!

Merry Christmas to all!
Love, Santa


Brian Miller said...

sweet...prayers for hubby too where ever he is...being away from fam is no fun...and hoping i dont need to learn something bad enough to get the coal. smiles.

Santa Claus said...

Ho Ho Brian, You are a good man! No coal for you!