Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Letter From Andrew

Hi Santa:

I jumped on mommy's computer while she wasn't looking so I can write this email to you!  I'm not supposed to play on the computer...  So, first, I'd really like my own computer that I can play on whenever I want.  And can it play the wheels on the bus all the time? or twinkle twinkle.

Hey, while you're at it, can you PLEASE bring me some elmo cupcakes for my birthday? 

And mommy should get a VACATION.  Daddy should finally get his review and RAISE.




Dear Andrew,

I can tell that you have been a good boy! You should be careful with Mommy's computer though. I would not want Mommy to get mad at you. Maybe we could find you one of those children's laptops that play the songs that you like.
     I think that you should get all of the Elmo cupcakes that you want, provided you do not eat too many at one time.  You would not want to be a Jolly round man like me!
     Mommy needs a vacation and she will get one.  I can put a good word in for Daddy and hopefully he will get his raise. 

Merry ChristmaAndrew
Love Santa